How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results

how long does seo take to show resultsOne of the most common questions I’m asked is how long does SEO take to show results? To me this is a funny question. I understand it’s legitimate and as anyone involved in any marketing campaign will tell you that they need hard data to justify KPI timelines, the answer is easy. Most SEO campaigns will be fruitful depending on how much effort you’re putting into them. Most of the clients at Ethical SEO Consulting tend to see some immediate results through pay per click campaigns and organic results start appearing after a month or so. That being said I believe most clients will start to see a strong value in months 3-6.

The reason why I think this is a funny question because the timeline I mentioned above of 3-6 months is completely arbitrary. If you are working with an agency with little or no experience they might set the timeline before actually reviewing the competition and the goals for the project. If this is the case, make sure to run for the hills! Now on the other hand if your agency or in house team has clear goals and are working towards them using traditional white hat methods, then you can expect to see those results in three to six months. But you have to make sure you’re monitoring the right goals.

Make Sure You Set The Right Goals

When you setup your Key Performance Indicators it’s important that the goals you setup are actually revenue generators. If your main focus is solely keyword rank you may get lost in one of the most common mistakes in SEO. Instead stick to goals that produce revenue and sales. By doing this you will be able to establish strong timelines for tracking your SEO results. Remember that good link building and content marketing takes time.

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Casey Meraz is the CEO of Ethical SEO Consulting. He is currently writing a local SEO book. Casey is heavily involved in local SEO research and runs a local SEO Blog. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, boating, and trying new things. +Casey Meraz+

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  1. Robert Reeves Reply

    Good post Casey! It’s interesting to examine SEO timelines.

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