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The value of content on a website is no secret. Having great content can help you to get more exposure and customers in a short amount of time. Once you have good content on your site it’s also important that you blog regularly to ensure that the search engines spiders are actively viewing your website. We have clients who post blogs daily, weekly, and once monthly. In pretty much every one of these situations, our clients who blog more regularly get more business.  That is why I am offering a new program that will provide you with free website content if you’re a lawyer.

How can you give away free content?

Creating unique content in the form of news articles can be a tedious task. But as I mentioned before, those who do it regularly will get better results. Since I service a large number of clients in the legal field I have a lot of this content produced weekly. So how can I give away free website content? Easy. I will give you four new articles that you can post (or we can) to your blog on a monthly basis. All you have to do is give us a link back to one of my clients website in each post.

How do I get Started?

If you’re interested in free legal website content then all you have to do is contact me. We can discuss the details from there and make sure that everything produced is 100% up to your standards. Contact me today to learn more about the free content program.

About author: Casey

Casey Meraz is the CEO of Ethical SEO Consulting. He is currently writing a local SEO book. Casey is heavily involved in local SEO research and runs a local SEO Blog. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, boating, and trying new things. +Casey Meraz+

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