Is Google Places Back?

Ever since the introduction to of Google Plus Local for Business last year there has been a lot of confusion around the web. One of the questions I heard frequently was “What should we call it?”. With Google Places, Google Plus Local, and Google MapMaker it’s easy to see why people were confused. However it appears that with the launch of the new local product, Google tends to be using the name places again. Even on the Google Help Page they’re calling it Places for Business still. This leads me to believe that’s what it will beĀ referredĀ to moving forward. Therefore from this point forward I think it’s safe to say that Google Places is now back.

Great! But what if I have a problem with my address in the mean time?

The ranking algorithm right now seems to carry a lot of weight on Google Mapmaker. If you are having listing issues on your page right now the first place I would look after checking the back end would be Google MapMaker. You have to be logged in to use it, but find your location and make sure the data is correct.

Did you merge your listing?

As you may have seen in my quick previous post, merging your Google Places to Google Plus Local for Business was a bad idea. The advice from Google at this point in time is to wait.

How Long Should I Wait?

If you’re playing the waiting game like myself, the best thing you can do is be patient. Before you know it we should see a fix. I have already seen many major fixes including the re-introduction of service area businesses.

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