Does Keyword Position in Search Engines Matter?

It’s no secret that ranking higher in search engines will provide you with more click throughs and traffic. But what data do we have to know how big of an effort that will make and how can we use it to re-tool our SEO strategies?  Below I have created a real world examples and broke it down in easy to follow steps.

Keyword: Denver Lawyer
Monthly Searches: 300 Visits
Monthly Clicks: 210

According to a study by Optify, the first result on the search page takes up 36.4% of all results. So how do having other ranking positions fare for your click throughs?

If the keyword we are using gets 210 monthly visits then we can assume that 73 of the clicks will go through to the first result. We can then use the following breakdown to determine how many clicks each additional position on the first page will get:


KW Position Percentage  Less/ More  Total Clicks
Position #1  73
Position #2 3.5%   Less than above  21
Position #3 1.4%   Less than above  15
Position #4 1.4%   Less than above  11
Position #5 1.2%   Less than above  9
Position #6 1.2%   Less than above  7
Position #7 1.2%   Less than above  6
Position #8 1.1%   Less than above  6
Position #9 1.05%   Less than above  5
Position #10 1.05%   More than above  6


Let’s Make This Actionable

Now pull up your Google Analytics and review which keywords are giving you the most visits. Using the tutorial I wrote about finding what keyword searches are coming from which cities, you can now focus your efforts on the lower hanging fruits. The overall goal of this is to isolate keywords which are not ranking in the #1 position, but are close. Since they’re already on the first page you can optimize them further and achieve substantial results!

Step 1: See which keywords are bringing in some traffic
Step 2: Check their rankings. Anything thats not #1 make a note of it.
Step 3: Using the Google Keyword tool see how many visits these keywords are generating
Step 4: Time to start the link building!

Does Keyword Position in Search Engine Matter?

Yes! And now I have shown you how to get more visits without having to focus on new keywords!

About author: Casey

Casey Meraz is the CEO of Ethical SEO Consulting. He is currently writing a local SEO book. Casey is heavily involved in local SEO research and runs a local SEO Blog. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, boating, and trying new things. +Casey Meraz+

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