Casey Meraz in Downtown Denver August 2020

Hi! You’ve reached Casey Meraz

Hi! I’m Casey Meraz, thank’s for stopping by my website. As a serial entrepreneur, educator and someone who loves to travel, I try to help people all over the world through my ventures.

I believe in sharing information and living life through experiences, not things.

Want to know what I’m up to?

Here are a few of the main business projects I’m working on now:I invest in commercial and residential real estate (like this)

I offer a one of kind Local SEO Certification through my online course Local SEO Experts.

I help law firms sign more cases through effective attorney SEO with my agency Juris Digital.

I help a few clients myself on a 1:1 consulting. Learn how I helped GJEL increase their leads by 4,000%

I invest in and purchase legal marketing companies (like this one).

I help attorneys and law firm owners find the right marketing agency through my company Lawyer Marketing Experts.

I help people create memories and experiences they will never forget through my luxury solar boat charter Solar Escapes.

I help airsoft players purchase high quality airsoft supplies and play airsoft through my company Fox Airsoft.

Other Investments

  • SimpleShowing
  • Gumroad

Here are some of the projects I’m looking to invest in soon:

  • Digital Marketing Companies
  • Legal Marketing & Related Companies
  • Winery or online wine brand