Casey Meraz, Brynna Meraz, Sebastian Meraz, and Vivienne Meraz

Hi, my name is Casey Meraz! Thanks for stopping by and wanting to learn more about me. So who am I?

Professionally I am an entrepreneur, SEO Expert, investor, and creator. I love to work on things i’m passionate about, but live to work.

See, I don’t think my work defines me or my personality. Basically what I do for a living is a piece of me, but it’s not my identity. I also think it’s a big turn-off when people’s first question to me is “what do you do for a living?”. Life is much more than what you do for work. It’s what you make it.

I see time as a precious resource and I know it’s something I can’t get back. For that reason, I optimize every part of my life to make sure I am fulfilled doing the things I want to do and not the things other people want me to do.

Family and life first

I see myself as a husband, a father to two wonderful children, and a family man. As far as hobbies go… I have a lot of them, but my primary ones

What I do for work

Don’t get me wrong, my work EXCITES me. It drives me and makes me fulfilled as long as I’m doing the things I like doing. I don’t hate work and I think hard work puts you in a better position than everyone else.

Current Business Ventures

Juris Digital: Founder & CEO

Kinsale SEO: An Irish digital marketing agency

Ethical SEO Consulting LLC: Founder

Local SEO Experts: Founder

Fox Airsoft: Advisory Board

Solar Escapes: Advisory Board [Planning Phase]

Lawyer Marketing Experts: Founder

I am also an investor in many different companies. Here are just a few:

Previous Business Ventures

Terrene Communications

Started and ran a wireless internet company providing broadband through 802.11 in rural areas including Douglas County, Colorado & Laramie Wyoming.

All Things PC

I opened a retail computer repair and sales store in Laramie, Wyoming. This also served as a home based attracting customers for Terrene.

Quick Fix Computer Repair

In high school I started an on-site computer repair company based in Parker Colorado which I ran for almost 5 years.

Walking By Magazine

I started a free magazine distributed to 20,000 + homes in Parker, Colorado. We published six issues in 2005.

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