Meet Casey Meraz

I’m Casey Meraz, your strategic partner in propelling your law firm’s online visibility and success.

Since 2008, my focus has been on harnessing the power of SEO to ensure outstanding law firms and attorneys stand out in the digital realm.

My passion is rooted in a simple yet profound belief: everyone deserves access to top-tier legal representation.

This drives my mission to elevate law firms like yours, ensuring that when someone seeks legal assistance, they find the best—potentially you.

Specializing in legal digital marketing, I offer targeted strategies to not only improve your online presence but also to attract more leads and secure the highest value cases.

Ready to elevate your law firm’s digital footprint and connect with clients who need you most?

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More About Casey

Hi, my name is Casey Meraz! Thanks for stopping by and wanting to learn more about me. 

So who am I?

Professionally I am an entrepreneur, SEO Expert, investor, and creator. I love to work on things i’m passionate about.

My biggest work related passion is helping law firms grow through ethical digital marketing.

I’m quick to help people who are like minded (kind) and have a passion for success.

But what I do for a living is a piece of me, not my identity. 

Life is much more than what you do for work. It’s what you make it.

I see time as a precious resource and I know it’s something I can’t get back. For that reason, I optimize every part of my life to make sure I am fulfilled doing the things I want to do and not the things other people want me to do. This is why I limit my personal client work to two client’s at a time. 

I see myself as a husband, a father to two wonderful children, and a family man. As far as hobbies go… I have a lot of them, but my primary ones

  • World Traveler – I travel  2-6 months of the year with my family worldwide. My favorite destinations are typically beach destinations.
  • Boating – I have a keen interested in boating. In fact, I am going to sail from Ireland to Greece. We also charter large catamarans several times a year for different holidays.
  • Food – I’m a foodie. I appreciate local meals while traveling as well as fancy Michelin starred restaurants. I think food is a big part of culture and I try new things everywhere I go.
  • Wine – I’m a wine aficionado of sorts. Iv’e been to many somm classes, tasted with master Somm’s and am always up to try new wine. Red is my favorite and I tend to lean old world. Right now I am partial towards Russian River Valley in Sonoma and The Rhone Valley in France.

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I also offer limited fractional Chief Marketing Officer roles for select law firms with over $10 Million in annual revenue.