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Improving Intake for Law Firms

Optimize Your Law Firm’s Intake and Sign More Cases! In this episode of the Lawyer Mastermind podcast, Casey Meraz and intake expert Yani Smith (Legal Intake Pros) delve into the secrets of converting more leads into clients. 

Learn how to streamline your intake processes, leverage technology, and build a powerful intake team to boost your firm’s growth.

Transform Your Law Firm's Client Acquisition and Conversion

Struggling to convert website visitors into clients?

Discover the power of text messaging in this must-watch video for law firms. Learn how to optimize your website for immediate lead engagement, automate follow-ups, and turn more leads into paying clients!

BlueShark Digital:
Remote Law Firm Marketing

On today’s episode of SEO Insider, Seth is joined by Casey Meraz, founder of the law firm marketing company Juris Digital. The two discuss working remotely and how Casey transitioned his team to this before COVID-19, the training process for their marketing firms and how it has evolved, and Casey’s lessons learned from acquisition of a company. Seth and Casey speak on the digital landscape of the legal industry today, long-term growth strategy, and Casey’s experience with managing a team internationally. They talk about the importance of having valuable content and improving older pages, updates coming with Google and how to position for them, and challenges with mobile-first indexing.

Driving Digital Marketing
Agency Growth

In this video, Casey shares his first entrepreneurial experience as a teenager, how he got into learning SEO and digital marketing, the best hiring decisions he ever made for the agency, and how they went about their first acquisition in 2020. Casey also shares which areas he struggled with as an agency owner and what mistakes he made in the past. If you’re a young agency owner and you want to avoid running into those same pitfalls, then this episode is for you.

Business Shortcuts

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