Local SEO Consulting

Are your Google My Business rankings not performing as well as you want? Are you stuck in the #4 position in Google Maps or you can’t seem to break into the 3 pack?

Whatever the situation is for your company from 1 location to 1,000, I can help you with your local SEO issues.

Hi. My name is Casey Meraz and I’m a local SEO Expert. I wrote the Book and Guide on Moz.com on How To Perform The Ultimate Local SEO Audit and I have been helping companies generate more leads and make more money through effective local search engine optimization since 2005.

What is Local SEO?

When I speak about Local SEO I am referring to three types of results in Google. Specifically, I am talking about the local pack rankings, Google Maps rankings, and local organic rankings.

In 2020 Google’s search results are highly localized. If you Google a single keyword such as “Plumber”, Google will not only anticipate your intent (you’re looking for a plumber), but they will also determine your location without you giving it to them. This in turn affects the 3 pack (the three local business listings that will show up on the page) as well as the organic results (traditional 10 blue links below the local pack).

If you’re not properly optimized and you don’t carry enough authority you will be nowhere to be found.

Search Results are Also Misleading Due To Proximity Ranking Factors

If you feel that you’re ranking “well” but sales are down and the phone isn’t ringing, chances are you are not ranking as well as you think. What do I mean?

With search being based off of a user’s physical location (detected on both computers and smartphones), the location of where you are conducting the search matters greatly.

If you are searching a keyword that’s important to your business while you are physically at your office, you may be surprised to learn that you will most certainly always rank in the top 3 results there.

But where are your customers searching from? If you were to take the same keyword and search from one block away, you might see completely different results. If you were to go 1 kilometer away, you would likely see different results as well.

Not to mention your results will be further skewed because you have probably clicked on your own business listing before. If you do this frequently Google recognizes that you like this search result and will show it often for you. This is personalization.

Companies who are successful in local search understand these nuances and work on strategies to increase where they rank (proximity wise where their customers are living or working).

And when you master this, Local SEO is beautiful because it generates endless free leads and new business for your company.

Casey’s Local SEO Experience

Since 2005 I have helped hundreds of businesses reach their KPI’s through affective local marketing. Here is just a little bit about me.

  • Author of How To Perform The Ultimate Local SEO Audit on Moz / Amazon Book
  • Contributor to the Local Search Ranking Factors Study (5 years in a row) for Moz.
  • Author for the Moz Blog, Brightlocal, and Whitespark
  • Regular conference speaker on Local SEO Topics at SMX East, SMX West, Big Digital, State of Search, Local Search Summit and many more.
  • Founder of Juris Digital and Ethical SEO Consulting
  • Founder of LocalSEOExperts.com, the world’s premiere Local SEO Certification course

How I Can Help You

I specialize in helping companies and agencies have make more money and have happier clients.

Here are some of the most common reasons people engage my help:

  • Strategy Development: Whether it’s one location or 1,000, developing a comprehensive local SEO strategy takes time and expertise.
  • Expert SEO Consulting: Whether you’re stuck outside the 3 pack or your clients are being taken down by spam listings, to suspended listings, I can help get you out of the situation you’re in and help future proof your listings.
  • SEO Training for their team & staff. I can create a custom training program to help your team members get on the same page when it comes to Local effective SEO which will make your clients happier and stay with your agency longer.

There are many different ways I can help your company when it comes to Local SEO. I offer SEO Audits, consulting, training, and implementation services.

Contact me today to discuss your project.