Expert SEO Audits

Do you think you need an SEO Audit? Let’s find out! Here are some of the signs you might need an SEO audit:

  • You can’t seem to rank for important keywords that will drive transactional business and make you more money.
  • You are “stuck”. You had some success with SEO in the past, but now things aren’t performing as they used to.
  • You launched a new websites and your search visibility has tanked.
  • Your rankings tanked recently and don’t seem to be recovering
  • Your website performs better in your home country, but you’re having trouble ranking in other markets.
  • You are not sure what your return on investment is from your Search Engine Optimization campaigns.
  • You’re not reaching your inbound marketing goals and just need help

Whatever the reason is for you needing an SEO Audit we should chat. My name is Casey Meraz and I help companies succeed in online search.

Everyday I see websites that are barley getting by, or not growing or reaching the organizations marketing goals. Many times with established websites this can be fixed by an extensive SEO Audit that’s aligned with your goals.

SEO is a funny thing and on the surface it can be pretty complicated. That’s why when asking an SEO expert questions before they have had a chance to look at your website might be “It Depends”. Here are some recent projects I worked on that highlight this:

  • I recently helped a law firm increase their traffic 500% in one year by reducing the content on their website.
  • I helped a service provider increase their conversions 4000% by focusing on mobile first.
  • I helped an online retailer double sales without creating content or building links.

There is nothing like a human eye working on your project.

Want a free consultation? Contact Casey Meraz today.

The Problem with Automated SEO Audits

A few years ago I started working with a client who has since become a friend. Andy had given up on SEO. All he wanted to do was book more appointments through his website and he tried everything. He did his research, he tried a lot of SEO tools, but even though his scores would improve on metrics he thought were important, he was not booking any more appointments. The problem wasn’t with his drive, determination, or goals. It was with execution.

See, Andy knew his goals. He wanted to book just 20 new appointments with potential clients a month because that meant he would close 40% of them and make $20,000 a month.

But while he was doing everything in his power to reach these “perfect SEO scores” provided by a tool, he was missing the forrest for the trees.

Sure, his website had issues that needed to be fixed, but in Andy’s case, it was actually more important to build authority and add new content to reach new potential clients, rather than trying to over-optimize his existing website to death.

Andy suffered from Analysis Paralysis brought on by SEO Audit Tools.

There is a big problem with the Search Engine Optimization industry when it comes to the term “SEO Audit”.

The meaning of an SEO Audit can range from a quick online scan from an ineffective tool to a deep crawl of a website with thousands of recommendations.

While tools can be useful to provide insights, they won’t pay the bills.

In addition to this, SEO is complicated and general advice should typically be avoided unless you have had the chance to understand and express your marketing goals.